Personal Website

Web[HTML && CSS && JS]

Once I stepped into the world of web development with my web version of Minesweeper, I decided to create a website for myself. I used the only design language I know best, which of course is Material Design from Android. It was an interesting experience to create my own website and it was a proud accomplishment to finally have my own space in the interwebs.


Android[Java && XML] and Web[HTML && CSS && JS]

I started this project from a local hackathon day at my university with a group of friends, when we decided to create a java minesweeper when our instructor for CS played with the idea of creating something like that. I heavily got invested into the project and continued working on it fully making it into an Android application that now has thousands of downloads! I also used this as a way for me to get into web development and created it with javascript, which is still a work in progress. I plan to integrate the web version with Google Games for statistics and acheivements.

Risk Legacy

Galaxy [C-based langauge]

This is one of the first projects that really got me into programming and making me follow this career. This project wouldn't be do able without the support Blizzard has given to the community with their engine for StarCraft II. I started this project with a friend of mine, Eiler, when I was just about finished with middle school. This project allowed for me to deal with large code bases and allow for me to develop logical mind needed to be a programmer. I currently don't work on it, but I plan to sometime clean the code from when I wasn't very aware of making code efficient.